Nathan Haseleu etches his name into Oktoberfest record book

By: Kevin Ramsell
(West Salem, WI – October 6, 2013) Nathan Haseleu realized a dream today as he won his first Oktoberfest 100 in a dramatic finish.

Johnny Sauter was the class of the field all day after starting fifth and taking the lead Dan Fredrickson on lap 20. The NASCAR Camping Truck Series competitor had a big lead on the field but was being chased down by his nephew Travis Sauter.

With two laps to go, Johnny was working his way past lap traffic, which allowed Travis to catch up to him. As Johnny went to the outside of a lapped car, Travis went to the inside hoping to get an opening. The two touched and Johnny spun in turn two. During the caution, Johnny caught up to Travis and spun him.

Haseleu inherited the lead and held off three-time Oktoberfest winner Dan Fredrickson to put his name on the prestigious list of winners. Chris Wimmer was third.
Chris Marek continued his Oktoberfest streak in the JMcK 63.

Marek stayed where he finished last night as he won the first segment of the JMcK 63. Marek took the lead at the green flag and wasn’t challenged. Behind him, Dan Lensing took second by a foot over Zack Riddle.

Marek pulled a “1” for a nine-car invert for the second segment.

The second segment got underway Brett Wenzel taking the lead but that only lasted for three laps as Shane Morrissey got by him on lap 4. Morrissey enjoyed a big lead until the caution flew on lap 17 for Rich Schuman’s spin out of turn four. Marek and Riddle made their way to the front while Morrissey was holding off a challenge from Austin Nason. With two laps to go, Nason got to the inside of Morrissey for the lead. The two touch causing Marek to go to the outside and make a three-wide move to the lead and take the second segment win.

Marek drew a “4” for a 12-car invert for the final segment. Marek holds a five-point lead over Riddle and a six-point lead over Lensing.

The “hat trick” was on the mind for Marek in the final segment and would have to work his way through the field to accomplish this goal. Brett Wenzel got by Mike Lichtfeld on lap 14 to take the lead. Austin Nason spun with four laps to go and collected Shane Morrissey in turn two. The field chose their lane for the double file restart where Wenzel, Travis Stanley and Lichtfeld all chose the inside line. Marek was running fourth and went to the outside to start on the front for the four-lap run to the finish. Marek tried to get by Wenzel but would come up short to complete the “hat trick” as Wenzel wins the third segment.

Marek wins his second big event of the weekend. Zack Riddle was second overall and John DeAngelis was third.

Wayne Smith got done with work and headed out to the track in time to win the Outlawz feature event. He took the lead with five laps to go and held off Ron Lockington who was looking to get by him on the last lap. Jerrod Loging was third and captured the 2013 track championship.

Mike Carlson got his Fest feature win the Vintage cars by a car length over Jerry Schneider. Carlson drove a former Kasey Kahne Dodge Cup car.

Phil Malouf battled with David Treu Jr. and made the winning move on the outside to win the Bandit feature.

Brett Widdis won the first leg of the Late Model Challenge by winning the large track portion. The invert was six for the 12-lap race on the quarter-mile track. Corey Jankowski won the small track portion with Widdis finishing third. With his third place finish, Widdis won the overall Late Model Challenge.

The 45th Annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend will take place on October 2nd to 5th, 2014. Make your plans to be a part of this great racing event. For more information please call the Speedway office at (608) 786-1525 or visit

LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway is a proud NASCAR Hometrack, part of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series –

ARCA Midwest Tour
Budweiser 100 Feature (29 Cars) — 1, Nathan Haseleu, Pardeeville; 2, Dan Fredrickson, Lakeville, Minn.; 3, Chris Wimmer, Wausau; 4, Griffin McGrath, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; 5, Erik Darnell, Park City, Ill.; 6, Steve Holzhausen, Bangor; 7, Tim Sauter, Necedah; 8, Matt Kocourek, Franklin; 9, Skylar Holzhausen, Bangor; 10, Ross Kenseth, Little Chute; 11, Ty Majeski, Seymour; 12, Chris Weinkauf, Merrill; 13, Andrew Morrissey, DeForest; 14, Colin Reffner, Wisconsin Rapids; 15, Ryan Hinner, Stevens Point; 16, Jason Weinkauf, Merrill; 17, Nick Panitzke, Lakeville, Minn.; 18, Johnny Sauter, Necedah; 19, Travis Sauter, Prairie du Sac; 20, Dennis Prunty, Knowles; 21, Cardell Potter, Camp Douglas; 22, Rich Bickle, Edgerton; 23, Nick Barstad, Prior Lake, Minn.; 24, Jeff Storm, Waterford; 25, Jeremy Miller; 26, Jonathan Eileen, Hampton, Minn.; 27, Jacob Goede, Carver, Minn.; 28, Mark Kraus, Stratford; 29, Bryan Syer-Kelske, Lakeville, Minn.
Last Chance — 1, Ty Majeski; 2, Jeremy Miller; 3, Steve Holzhausen; 4, Paige Decker, Eagle River; 5, Jeff Storm.

JMcK 63 Big-8 Invitational
Budweiser 21 Segment 1 (24 Cars) — 1, Christopher Marek, Lakeville, Minn.; 2, Dan Lensing, Poplar Grove, Ill.; 3, Zach Riddle, Brooklyn; 4, John DeAngelis, Sr., Hubertus; 5, Rich Schumann Jr., Portage; 6, Davey Pennel, Sparta; 7, Austin Nason, Roscoe, Ill.; 8, Brett Wenzel, Manotiwoc; 9, Shane Morrissey, Cuba City; 10, Travis Stanley, Prior Lake, Minn.; 11, Corey Jankowski, Tomah; 12, Natalie Decker, Eagle River; 13, Darren Wolke, Belle Plaine, Minn.; 14, Ryan Kamish, Farmington, Minn.; 15, Mike Litchfeld, Portage; 16, Clint Sillars, Weston; 17, Brady Liddle, Oregon; 18, Dave Edwards, Salem; 19, Jon Lemke, Shakopee, Minn.; 20, Bret Widdis, Pestigo; 21, Kyle Smith, Lake Mills; 22, Gary Kruger, New Lisbon; 23, Kyle Shear, Roscoe, Ohio; 24, Tim Sargent, Beloit, Ill.
Budweiser 21 Segment 2 (22 Cars) — 1, Christopher Marek; 2, Austin Nason; 3, Shane Morrissey; 4, Zach Riddle; 5, Corey Jankowski; 6, Dan Lensing; 7, John DeAngelis; 8, Mike Litchfeld; 9, Travis Stanley; 10, Corey Jankowski; 11, Ryan Kamish; 12, Brady Liddle; 13, Kyle Smith; 14, Gary Kruger; 15, Brett Wenzel; 16, Jon Lemke; 17, Bret Widdis; 18, Dave Edwards; 19, Natalie Decker; 20, Rich Schumann Jr.; 21, Clint Sillars; 22, Davey Pennell.
Budweiser 21 Segment 3 (21 Cars) — 1, Brett Wenzel; 2, Christopher Marek; 3, Zach Riddle; 4, Travis Stanley; 5, Mike Litchfeld; 6, John DeAngelis Sr.; 7, Davey Pennell; 8, Kyle Shear; 9, Corey Jankowski; 10, Dan Lensing; 11, Ryan Kamish; 12, Darren Wolke; 13, Rich Schumann Jr.; 14, Brady Liddle; 15, Dave Edwards; 16, Kyle Smith; 17, Bret Widdis; 18, Austin Nason; 19, Shane Morrissey; 20, Rich Schumann Jr.; 21, Gary Kruger.

Late Model Challenge
Budweiser 10 Segment 1 (10 cars) — 1, Bret Widdis, Pestigo; 2, Ryan Wolke, Belle Plaine, Minn.; 3, Dan Lensing, Poplar Grove, Ill.; 4, Corey Jankowski, Tomah; 5, Dave Edwards, Salem; 6, Dale Smith, Lake Mills; 7, Jared Lannert, West Allis; 8, Gary Krueger, New Lisbon; 9, Coel Scholze, Sparta; 10, Brett Wenzel, Manotiwoc.
Budweiser 12 Segment 2 (10 cars) — 1, Corey Jankowski; 2, Dave Edwards; 3, Bret Widdis; 4, Dan Lensing; 5, Dale Smith; 6, Cole Scholze; 7, Gary Krueger; 8, Ryan Wolke; 9, Jared Lannert; 10, Brett Wenzel.

Vintage Cars
Budweiser 15 Feature (15 cars) — 1, Mike Carlson, West Salem; 2, Jerry Schneider, Menasha; 3, Ken Hutchens, Black River Falls; 4, Ken Lewis, Black River Falls; 5, Bob Lee, Holmen; 6, Bob Heine, New Prague, Minn.; 7, Scott Moldenhauer, Black River Falls; 8, Royce Rossier, Plover; 9, Danny Schett, Mauston; 10, Rory Melbinger, Dalton; 11, Bill Schott, La Crosse; 12, Jeff Sarver, West Salem; 13, John Gilbertson, Onalaska; 14, Rod Schuette, Jefferson; 15, Jerry Aylsworth, La Crosse.
Heat 1 — 1, Ken Lewis; 2, Mike Carlson; 3, Rory Melbinger; 4, Rod Schuette; 5, Jeff Sarver.
Heat 2 — 1, Ken Hutchens; 2, Bob Lee; 3, Jerry Schneider; 4, Bob Heine; 5, Royce Rossier.

Budweiser 15 Feature (14 cars) — 1, Wayne Smith, West Salem; 2, Ron Lockington, Mindoro; 3, Jerrod Loging, West Salem; 4, Tom Luethe, West Salem; 5, Cole Scholze, Sparta; 6, Glenn Bush Jr., Waupaca; 7, Jason Bolster, Sparta; 8, Jared Lannert, West Allis; 9, Mark Challet, La Crosse; 10, Josh Inglett, La Crosse; 11, Melissa Rusch, La Crosse; 12, Steven Rusch, Sparta; 13, Joe Mueller, Hartford; 14, Kyle Swenson, Sparta.
Heat 1 — 1, Jerrod Loging; 2, Ron Lockington; 3, Joe Mueller; 4, Wayne Smith; 5, Jason Bolster
Heat 2 — 1, Cole Scholze; 2, Tom Luethe; 3, Mark Challet; 4, Josh Inglett; 5, Glenn Bush Jr.

Budweiser 15 Feature (13 cars) — 1, Phil Malouf, Manitowish Waters; 2, David Treu Sr., Sparta; 3, Matthew Moore, Kendall; 4, Heather Stark, Sun Prairie; 5, Jerry Brinker, Wausau; 6, John Radtke, La Crosse; 7, Jordan Steier, Rochester, Minn.; 8, Ashley Bell, Lester Prairie, Minn.; 9, Jay Raines, La Crosse; 10, Jason Dull, Machesney Park, Ill.; 11, Hunter Nelson, Rushford, Minn.; 12, Scott Ciesielske, Stevens Point; 13, Josh Viner, La Crosse.
Heat 1 — 1, Matthew Moore; 2, Scott Ciesielske; 3, Josh Viner; 4, Jordan Steier; 5, John Radtke.
Heat 2 — 1, Phil Malouf; 2, David Treu Sr.; 3, Heather Stark; 4, Jerry Brinker; 5, Jason Dull.