Dick Trickle 99 Champions

2022Ty Majeski
2021Ty Majeski
2020Dan Fredrickson
2019Nick Murgic
2018Johnny Sauter
2017Rained Out
2016Dan Fredrickson
2015Ty Majeski
2014Dan Fredrickson
2013Erik Darnell
2012Skylar Holzhausen
2011Neil Knoblock
2010Dan Fredrickson
2009Chris Weinkauf
2008Nathan Haseleu
2007Steve Holzhausen

OKTOBERFEST Race Weekend Champions

La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway
2022Andrew MorrisseyARCA Midwest Tour
2021Casey JohnsonARCA Midwest Tour
2020Ty MajeskiARCA Midwest Tour
2019Ty MajeskiARCA Midwest Tour
2018Andrew MorrisseyARCA Midwest Tour
2017Johnny SauterARCA Midwest Tour
2016Ty MajeskiARCA Midwest Tour
2015Dan FredricksonARCA Midwest Tour
2014Travis SauterARCA Midwest Tour
2013Nathan HaseleuARCA Midwest Tour
2012Travis SauterASA Midwest Tour
2011Travis SauterASA Midwest Tour
2010Dan FredricksonASA Midwest Tour
2009Travis SauterASA Midwest Tour
2008Dan FredricksonASA Midwest Tour
2007Dan FredricksonASA Midwest Tour
2006Steve HolzhausenWisconsin Late
2005Tim SchendelNASCAR AutoZone
2004Brian HoppeNASCAR AutoZone
2003Tim SchendelNASCAR ITEMS
2002Brian HoppeNASCAR Re/Max
2001Eddie HoffmanNASCAR Re/Max
2000Steve CarlsonNASCAR Re/Max
1999Eddie HoffmanNASCAR Re/Max
1998Eddie HoffmanNASCAR Re/Max
1997Terry BaldryARTGO Challenge Series
1996Joe ShearARTGO Challenge Series
1995Joe ShearARTGO Challenge Series
1994Joe ShearARTGO Challenge Series
1993Matt KensethARTGO Challenge Series
1992Tom CarlsonARTGO Challenge Series
1991Tom CarlsonARTGO Challenge Series
1990Scott HansenARTGO Challenge Series
1989Joe ShearARTGO Challenge Series
1988Ted MusgraveARTGO Challenge Series
1987Dick TrickleARTGO Challenge Series
1986Rich Bickle, Jr.[See Note 1]
1985John Ziegler
1984Bryan Reffner
1983Tom Reffner
1982Jim Back
1981Junior Hanley
1980Mark Martin
1979Butch Miller
1978Dave Watson
1977Larry Detjens
1976Larry Detjens
1975Tom Reffner
1974Jerry Makara
1973Marv Marzofka
1972Joe Shear
1971Dick Trickle
1970Tom Reffner
Note 1: The Oktoberfest races from 1970 thru 1986 were promoted by Larry Wehrs. The super late model rules followed the popular Central Wisconsin Racing Association rules. Note 2: In 2006 the NASCAR AutoZone ‘Farewell 150’ winner was Brent Kirchner. (That was the final NASCAR Elite Division tour race nationwide for that style of car – the event attracted just 20 entries.) The 2006 Oktoberfest Champion was Steve Holzhausen as Sunday’s Wisconsin Late Model race paid more to win than Friday’s NASCAR AutoZone race.