Humfeld, Jankowski Win Sportsmen Features at LaCrosse

By: Ashley Iwanski
Friday, October 05, 2007 (West Salem, WI) – With temperatures in the high 70’s/low 80’s a crowd of over 5,000 withstood the abnormal October highs to watch Randy Humfeld win the Area Sportsmen feature and Corey Jankowski win the Super Sportsmen feature.

Humfeld started on the pole but Chand Wehling eagerly took the position from him. Within five laps the leaders were faced with lap traffic, keeping the field close together. This helped Rick Schermerhorn, Dan Gilster and Brent Kane move into the top five. Humfeld was making his way back to the front when Wehling fell off the pace allowing Humfeld to resume the lead. The battle was raging behind him. Schermerhorn and Gilster had been warring for laps. With four to go Gilster dove low but was unable to finish the pass on Schermerhorn; Gilster finished 4th.

Schermerhorn was in second and clear of Gilster when Kane charged forward multiple positions. On the last turn of the last lap Kane flew to the high side of Schermerhorn. Schermerhorn closed the door on him though and finished 2nd. Kane held on for 3rd.

The Area Sportsmen division also had some very exciting heat races. On the first lap of the Odd heat race Jack Paulson got loose in turn one then shot up the track and onto the hood of Sam Anderson. Anderson’s hood and front bumper were completely torn off. Then during the Even heat two cars got together at the start finish line and slammed into the back of Dan Ryan. The contact rocketed Ryan into the turn one wall. All drivers were okay.

Jankowski won the Super Sportsmen feature after 25 laps of being shuffled around. Jankowski started 9th and within four laps had broken into the top five. Shortly after, he was pulling up to the back bumper of then leader Sam Anderson. The front three made themselves a nice cushion giving Jankowski the opportunity to pass Anderson on the inside of turn four. One lap later, Anderson spun in turn four bringing out the first caution of the race. After the restart Jankowski was quick to put distance between him and the rest of the field. Behind him was a vicious battle for third between Bryan Back and Daniel Linnehan. Both drivers were flipping back and forth for twelve laps, but when the checkered flag waved Back was in the 3rd position and Linnehan in 4th. Keith Bohnsach finished 2nd.

Matt Pyburn, who finished the Super Sportsmen feature 5th, caused some pre-feature excitement at the track. During qualifying Pyburn turned a fast lap of 21.065 secs; a new track record at La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway in the Super Sportsmen division.

It’s not over yet. The racing continues Saturday with the ASA Midwest Tour heats, ASA Late Model North Series and the Mid American Stock Car series. Qualifying starts at 12:30 pm and racing starts at 4 pm. For more information visit or call the office at (608) 786-1525.


Wisconsin Late Models
Feature (## Cars) — 1, Steve Holzhausen, Bangor; 2, Dan Fredrickson, Elko, Minn.; 3, Steve Carlson, West Salem; 4, Blake Horstman, Bangor; 5, Mark Eswein, Wisconsin Rapids; 6, Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor; 7, Tim Schendel, Sparta; 8, Nathan Haseleu, Pardeeville; 9, Andy Hanson, Green Bay; 10, Jacob Goede, New Germany, Minn.; 11, Dean Cornelius, Chaska, Minn.; 12, Jeremy Lepak, Edgar; 13, Chris Weinkauf, Merrill; 14, Jeff Kendall, Montello; 15, Josh Vadnais, White Bear Lake, Minn.; 16, Don Turner, La Crosse; 17, Trent Snyder, Ironton, Minn.; 18, Dick Trickle; 19, Jeff Storm, East Troy; 20, Jason Weinkauf, Merrill; 21, Nick Hammer, Sun Praire; 22, Molly Rhoads, Goodhue, Minn.; 23, Chris Skrede, Sparta; 24, Donny Reuvers, Dundas, Minn.; 25, Eugene Gregorich Jr., Amherst; 26, Trevor Stewart, St. Cloud, Minn.; 27, Scott Ollerman, Sun Praire; 28, Tim Rothe, Appleton.

Segment 1 — 1, Dan Fredrickson; 2, Steve Holzhausen; 3, Steve Carlson; 4, Josh Vadnais; 5, Dean Cornelius.

Segment 2 — 1, Kevin Nuttleman; 2, Jacob Goede; 3, Jeremy Lapak; 4, Dan Fredrickson; 5, Steve Holzhausen.

Segment 3 — 1, Steve Carlson; 2, Steve Holzhausen; 3, Blake Horstman; 4, Dan Fredrickson; 5, Mark Eswein.

B-Feature 1 — 1, Scott Ollerman; 2, Andy Hanson; 3, Todd Stapleman, Plainfield; 4, Jason Schnieder, New Market, Minn.

B-Feature 2 — 1, Chris Weinkauf; 2, Trevor Stewart; 3, Dan Lensing, Poplar Grove, Ill.; 4, Nick Panitzke, Saul Center, Minn.; 5,

B-Feature 3 — 1, Jeff Storm; 2, Chris Skrede; 3, Molly Rhoads; 4, Kyle Calmes, Appleton; 5, Chris Wimmer, Wausau.

B-Feature 4 — 1, Donny Reuvers; 2, Tim Rothie; 3, Nick Hammer, Sun Praire; 4, Steve Rubeck, Monroe Center, Ill; 5, Brian Johnson, Machesney Park, Ill.

Qualifying — 1, Steve Holzhausen, 19.172 secs, 102.415 MPH; 2, Blake Horstman, 19.239 secs, 102.058 MPH; 3, Dan Fredrickson, 19.268 secs, 101.905 MPH; 4, Nathan Haseleu, 19.293 secs, 101.773 MPH; 5, Eugene Gregorich Jr., 19.297 secs, 101.752 MPH.

Area Sportsmen
Feature (## Cars) — 1, Randy Humfeld, Chaseburg; 2, Rick Schermerhorn, Westby; 3, Brent Kane, Lansdale, Minn.; 4, Dan Gilster, West Salem; 5, John Olson, Sparta; 6, Jes Tenner, Melrose; 7, Aaron Hass, La Crosse; 8, Greg Scheck, West Salem; 9, Jerimy Wagner, Melrose; 10, Rob Curran, Rockland; 11, Rob Mason, Caledonia, Minn.; 12, Troy Maier, La Crosse; 13, Mike Meyerhofer, Menasha; 14, Scott Riedner, Waunakee; 15, Larry Bolster Jr., Sparta; 16, Jimmy Gilster, West Salem; 17, Jerry Thompson, Randolph, Minn.; 18, Kevin Eddy; 19, John Norris, Prior Lake, Minn.; 20, Rick Johnson, La Crosse; 21, Dusty Mann, Dundas, Minn.; 22, Bill Woodworth, Chanhassen, Minn.; 23, Todd Lockington, Mindoro; 24, Lucas Grosinger, Chaska, Minn.; 25, Chand Wehling, Stoddard; 26, Sam Anderson.

Last Chance 1 — 1, Larry Bolster Jr.; 2, Kevin Eddy; 3, Bill Woodworth; 4, Derek Ludington, Zumbrota, Minn.; 5, Ken Scott, Rio.

Last Chance 2 — 1, John Norris; 2, Rick Johnson; 3, Greg Scheck; 4, Justin Berg, Bangor; 5, Chris Cooley, Minneapolis, Minn.

Qualifying — 1, John Olson, 21.721 secs, 90.396 MPH; 2, Don Ryan, 21.933 secs, 89.523 MPH; 3, Aaron Hass, 22.095 secs, 88.866 MPH; 4, Jes Tenner, 22.097 secs, 88.858 MPH; 5, Dan Gilster, 22.141 secs, 88.682 MPH.

Qualifying Heat 1 — 1, Todd Lockington; 2, Mike Meyerhofer; 3, Larry Bolster Jr.; 4, John Norris; 5, Kevin Eddy.

Qualifying Heat 2 — 1, Jimmy Gilster; 2, Lucas Grosinger; 3, Rick Johnson; 4, Bill Woodworth; 5, Greg Scheck.

Qualifying Heat 3 — 1, Scott Riedner; 2, Jerry Thompson; 3, Phil Lehl, Appleton; 4, Chris Cooley; 5, Derek Ludington.

Odd Bud Dash — 1, Chand Wehling; 2, Dan Gilster; 3, John Olson; 4, Rick Schermerhorn; 5, Aaron Hass.

Even Bud Dash — 1, Rob Curran; 2, Jes Tenner; 3, Dusty Mann; 4, Randy Humfeld; 5, Rob Mason.

Super Sportsmen
Feature (26 Cars) — 1, Corey Jankowski, Tomah; 2, Keith Bohnsach, Wisconsin Rapids; 3, Bryan Back, Port Edwards; 4, Daniel Linnehan, Leon; 5, Matt Pyburn, Wisconsin Rapids; 6, Jimmy Ganski, Rosholt; 7, Tod Brewe, Menominie; 8, Ken Hutchens, Black River Falls; 9, Travis Zvolena, Pittsville; 10, Scott Hamel, Wisconsin Rapids; 11, Mel Schappert, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; 12, Brent Kane; 13, Brad A. Muller, Hillsboro; 14, Adam Krzykowski, Wisconsin Rapids; 15, Sam Anderson, Mooresville, NC.; 16, Ray Sanderen, New Richmond; 17, Dale Schultz, Mauston; 18, Chris Brooks, Plover; 19, Dave Swanson, Reedsburg; 20, Dan Braun, Fremont; 21, John Zuch, Baraboo; 22, Tim Syvrud, Poynette; 23, Brent Wenzel, Two Rivers; 24, Matt Ciesielski, Plover; 25, Adam Eckes, Auburndale; 26, Jonny Hentges, Shakopee, Minn.; 27, Kevin Eckes, Auburndale.

Qualifying — 1, Matt Pyburn, 21.065 secs, 93.211 MPH; 2, Keith Bohnsach, 21.100 secs, 93.057 MPH; 3, Corey Jankowski, 21.268 secs, 92.322 MPH; 4, Bryan Back, 21.316 secs, 92.114 MPH; 5, Sam Anderson, 21.461 secs, 91.492 MPH.

Qualifying Heat — 1, Matt Pyburn; 2, Mel Schappert; 3, Dave Swanson; 4, Adam Eckes; 5, Syzurud.

Odd Bud Dash — 1, Bryan Back; 2, Keith Bohnsach; 3, Scott Hamel; 4, Rod Brewe; 5, Brad A. Muller.

Even Bud Dash — 1, Corey Jankowski; 2, Sam Anderson; 3, Jonny Hentges; 4, Jimmy Ganski; 5, Daniel Linnehan.