Over 80 Drivers Eligible For ‘JMCK 63’ At Oktoberfest!

WEST SALEM, WI – Following one of the most competitive regular seasons in recent memory on the short tracks in our region, over 80 Big 8-style Weekly Late Model drivers are eligible to take part in the season-ending ‘JMcK 63’ at La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway during the 44th Annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend.

This season, 73 different drivers captured feature wins at 10 tracks throughout the Midwest. Six of those ten tracks saw at least eight different drivers collect a feature win (Jefferson, Columbus, State Park, Slinger, La Crosse and Elko). Columbus 151 Speedway saw the most variety, with 11 different drivers collecting feature wins.

The fourth installment of the ‘JMcK 63’ will be held Sunday October 6th, the final day of the Oktoberfest Race Weekend. The Late Model invitational event honors the late short track auto racing promoter John McKarns and is modeled after the Dick Trickle 99 race format McKarns introduced to ‘Fest during 2007. The ‘JMcK 63’ is contested in three 21 lap segments with the first segment being lined up by draw, the second segment by inversion and third segment based on the overall point total heading into the final segment. ‘JMcK’ was an abbreviated version of John McKarns’ signature over the years.

This invitational event is open to 2013 weekly late model and Big 8 Series feature winners, former Big 8 Series Oktoberfest Champions, past ARTGO Challenge Series top guns as well as the top six in Big 8 Series points.

The first installment of the JMcK back in 2010 saw local favorite Skylar Holzhausen take the win in dramatic fashion. In 2011, Kyle Shear garnered top honors as he passed an impressive 34 cars throughout the day to come out on top. Last season, Zach Riddle capped off an unforgettable Oktoberfest Weekend, winning the JMcK one day after claiming victory in the Big 8 Series’ championship race on the half-mile oval.

For additional information regarding the 44th annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend including camping, call 608-786-1525 or visit www.oktoberfestraceweekend.com. Companies interested in adding to the already growing number for bonuses for the ‘JMcK 63’ are encouraged to contact Gregg McKarns at 815-633-1500.

‘JMcK 63’ Big 8 Late Model Invitational
Oktoberfest Race Weekend
Sunday Afternoon October 6, 2013
La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway
(81 Eligible Drivers as of 9/17/13)

Aaron Wilke- Columbus 151 Speedway
Alex Papini- Rockford Speedway/Big 8 Series
Alex Prunty- Slinger Super Speedway
Andy Tomlinson- Columbus 151 Speedway
Austin Nason- Dells Raceway Park
Bobby Wilberg- 2012 JMcK Segment Winner
Brad Powell- La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Brady Liddle- Columbus 151 Speedway
Braison Bennett- Slinger Super Speedway
Brandon Pendleton- Jefferson Speedway
Brent Strelka- Wisconsin International Raceway
Bret Widdis- Sands Speedway
Brett Wenzel- Wisconsin International Raceway
Brian Hakala- Dells Raceway Park
Casey Johnson- Jefferson Speedway/Big 8 Series
Chris Marek- Elko Speedway
Chris Quam- Jefferson Speedway
Clint Sillars- State Park Speedway
Cole Howland- La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Dale Nottestad- Jefferson Speedway/Big 8 Series
Dan Church- Slinger Super Speedway
Dan Lensing- Top 6 Big 8 Points*
Darren Wolke- Elko Speedway
Dylan Moore- Elko Speedway
Dylan Schuyler- Jefferson Speedway
Gary Krueger- ARTGO Star
Gary Natrop- Wisconsin International Raceway
J Herbst- La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Jake Gille- Rockford Speedway
Jason Schuler- 2011 JMcK Segment Winner/ARTGO Star
Jeff Holtz- Slinger Super Speedway
Jeff Nowak- State Park Speedway
Jerry Eckhardt- Jefferson Speedway
Jerry Gille- Rockford Speedway
Jesse Bernhagen- State Park Speedway
Jim Duchow- Wisconsin International Raceway
Jimmy Ganski- State Park Speedway
John Beale- Columbus 151 Speedway
John Wasserburger- Columbus 151 Speedway
Jon Lemke- Elko Speedway/ARTGO Star
Jon Reynolds Jr.- Rockford Speedway
Kevin Nuttleman- Over 100 career La Crosse wins
Kyle Jarlsberg- Jefferson Speedway
Kyle Kirberger- Elko Speedway
Kyle Shear- 2011 JMcK Winner
Kyle Smith- Jefferson Speedway
Lincoln Keeser- Columbus 151 Speedway
Michael Bilderback- Slinger Super Speedway
Michael Clapper- Columbus 151/Dells Raceway
Mike Beyer- Past Big 8 ‘Fest Winner
Mike Brooks- State Park Speedway
Mike Koeneke- La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Mike Litchfield- Slinger Super Speedway
Mike Meyerhofer- Wisconsin International Raceway
Natalie Decker- State Park Speedway
Nicholas Beaver- Elko Speedway
Nick Nolden- Dells Raceway Park
Pete Moore- Columbus 151 Speedway
Rich Schumann Jr.- Dells Raceway Park
Ricky Bilderback- Rockford Speedway
Ron Bishofberger- Columbus 151 Speedway
Ryan DeStefano- Slinger Super Speedway
Ryan Ferrell- Slinger Super Speedway
Ryan Kamish- Elko Speedway
Shane Morrissey- Dells Raceway Park
Shaun Scheel- Jefferson Speedway
Shawn Pfaff- La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Shayne Poehnelt- Dells Raceway Park
Skylar Holzhausen- Past Big 8 ‘Fest Winner/2010 JMcK Winner
Spencer Schultz- Columbus 151 Speedway
Steve Carlson- La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway/ARTGO Star
Steve Rubeck- Rockford Speedway/Past Big 8 ‘Fest Winner
Tim Sargent- Jefferson Speedway
Tim Springstroh- Wisconsin International Raceway
Todd Handrick- State Park Speedway
Todd Korish- La Cross Fairgrounds Speedway/Past Big 8 ‘Fest Winner
Tory Adams- Columbus 151 Speedway
Travis Stanley- Elko Speedway
Ty Majeski- La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Wayne Mackesy- State Park Speedway
Zach Riddle- Past Big 8 ‘Fest Winner/2012 JMcK Winner