By: Paul Reichert
October 8, 2021
Mother Nature did not play nice with the LaCrosse Speedway and rained out night one of the 52nd Annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend.  She tried to mess things up earlier in the day but the skies finally broke and gave us a terrific night of racing.  A number of feature races saw some very close and nail biting finishes that brought the crowd to their feet.  The fans would rise to their feet as one LaCrosse Late Model feature was decided by a matter of inches.   Ty Majeski would put in a very strong effort and hold off both Casey Johnson and Dan Fredrickson to capture his second Dick Trickle 99 title.
Segment one of the 14th Annual Dick Trickle 99 saw Ty Majeski (Seymour, WI) pull away from Casey Johnson (Edgerton, WI) by a wide margin.  Despite a late race caution for a Johnny Sauter (Necedah, WI) spin with eight laps remaining, Majeski would be no match for Johnson as the four-time ARCA Midwest Tour champion scored the win in the opening segment.  Jonathan Eilen (Hampton, MN) charged to the lead early in segment two but by lap nine he would be tracked down by Dalton Zehr (Port Orange, FL).  Both drivers got into a good tussle over the lead around the halfway mark before Zehr shot underneath Eilen to take over the lead.  Zehr pulled away over the final thirteen laps to capture the second segment.  Johnny Sauter would show the way at the start of the third and final segment with both of the Weinkauf brothers trying to keep pace with him.  Chris Weinkauf (Merrill, WI) began to close the distance on Sauter around the one-third mark.  Weinkauf got within a few car lengths of Sauter when the caution flew for a turn two spin with 13 laps remaining.  Weinkauf looked low on the restart but Sauter was quicker on the gas as he left Weinkauf in his wake.  Sauter would pull away down the stretch to see the checkered flag first in the last segment.  A first and a pair of fourth place efforts would net Ty Majeski his second Dick Trickle 99 title and become the second repeat champion of the only race with Dick Trickle’s ‘seal of approval’.
The first Oktoberfest 20 lap LaCrosse Late Model feature saw Nick Clements (West Salem, WI) and Brad Powell (LaCrosse, WI) get into their own tussle over the top spot as they pulled away from the field.  On a lap six restart Clements quickly got on the gas and pulled away from the pack.  Powell would have his hands full at halfway with the challenges of Adam Bendzick (Prior Lake, MN) and Jacob Goede (Carver, MN). Both drivers would power their way past Powell on lap 12 and began to eat away at Clements’ lead.  Bendzick and Goede would be right on the back bumper of Clements with five laps to go, and two laps later point leader Nick Murgic (Rosemount, MN) joined the fight for the win.  Entering turn one on the final lap, Bendzick dove low on Clements as the duo ran door handle to door handle.  Coming to the checkered flag Bendzick would just surge ahead of Clements to claim the victory by a mere one-one thousandth of a second and become feature winner #10 on the season.  After the race Bendzick said “That was the best feature I have raced in my life.  I have to thank Nick Panitzke for his help in setting up the car to come down here to Oktoberfest.”
In 20 lap LaCrosse Late Model feature #2, Steve Carlson (West Salem, WI) powered by Jacksion Lewis (Elko, MN) for the race lead.  Mike Carlson (West Salem, WI) also quickly got past Lewis and stuck right behind his father.  Soon the drivers running third through fifth, led by Adam Degenhardt (Coon Valley, WI) began to close the distance on the Carlson bunch.  Just past the mid-race mark Mike began to hunt again for a way by Steve to take over the race lead.  Nick Murgic would power by both Steve Bachman (Bangor, WI) and Degenhardt to move into third with six laps to go and started to catch the leading duo.  Steve began to inch further ahead of the battle over second to claim his third win of the year.  After the race Steve Carlson said “Mike was giving me all I could handle in that feature.  I just held the low line and gave Mike the high groove to get around me.”  Murgic’s third place run led to his second straight track championship along with the Festmaster Championship.  Mike Carlson’s runner-up effort would net him the 2021 Chase Championship.   
Joey Pontbriand charged by Jack Litshiem to take the lead at the start of the 25 lap Area Sportsmen feature.  Litshiem would be in a dogfight over second with Adam Wiebusch as Pontbriand opened up his advantage on the field.  Weibusch powered his way by Litshiem on the outside on lap six to take over second.  Jason Thoma was a rocket ship as he ran through the field like they were standing still.  Thoma surged by Wiebusch for second on lap nine and two laps later he made quick work of Pontbriand to assume command of the race.  Dillon Sellner took over second from Pontbriand a lap later and began to track down the race leader.  Sellner was on the back bumper of Thoma with ten laps remaining, and a few laps later both would have to negotiate through heavy lap traffic.  With five laps to go Sellner dove low to pull even with Thoma.  After a hot and heavy fight over the top spot Sellner finally shot past Thoma with two laps to go to become the new leader.  Sellner pulled away down the stretch to capture his first Oktoberfest feature win.
‘Championship Saturday’ headlines day three of the 52nd Annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend on Saturday, October 9 with a plethora of series titles to be decided.  The Big 8 Late Model Series, the Mid-Am Racing Series and the Midwest Dash Series will all run their final points races of the year and crown champions for 2021.  Joining those series will be the Midwest Truck Series as they run their next to last race of the season.  The preliminaries for the ARCA Midwest Tour to set the field for their big 200 lap season finale on Sunday will also take place.  Fan gates open at 2:15, qualifying fires up at 2:25 and the race to decide championships starts at 5.  Be sure to visit for the latest updates and news on the weekend.
For more information about LaCrosse Speedway or the 2021 schedule of events, please call the track office at 608-786-1525 or visit our web site at  LaCrosse Speedway is proud to be a NASCAR Hometrack, part of the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series.


Dick Trickle 99
Feature (99 laps/Overall Results):  1. Ty Majeski 10, 2. Casey Johnson 12, 3. Dan Fredrickson 13, 4. Dalton Zehr 14, 5. Derek Kraus 21, 6. Chris Weinkauf 23, 7. Gabe Sommers 23, 8. Bryan Syer-Keske 25, 9. Carson Kvapil 28, 10. Johnny Sauter 29, 11. Riley Stenjem 29, 12. Jonathan Eilen 29, 13. Skylar Holzhausen 40, 14. Rich Bickle, Jr. 46, 15. Austin Nason 46, 16. Jason Weinkauf 47, 17. Braison Bennett 48, 18. Brady Bill 54, 19. Dillon Hammond 55, 20. Brock Heinrich 59, 21. Andrew Morrissey 61, 22. Jacob Goede 64, 23. Paul Shafer, Jr. 69, 24. Nick Murgic 84, 25. Luke Fenhaus 122, 26. Travis Sauter 126 
‘Stubby’ Feature (25 laps):  1. Justin Mondeik, 2. Griffin McGrath, 3. Derek Lemke, 4. Ryan Farrell, 5. Alex Stumpf, 6. Mark Lamoreaux, 7. Mark Eswein, 8. Matthew Henderson, 9. Michael Ostdiek, 10. Grant Griesbach, 11. Corey Jankowski, 12. Jeff Storm, 13. Michael Haggar, 14. Cody Vanderwal, 15. Carter Christenson, 16. Keith Tolf, 17. Mitchell Haver, 18. R.J. Braun, 19. Dan Heying, 20. Tyler Sauter
Last Chance Race #1 (10 laps):  1. Nick Murgic, 2. Austin Nason, 3. Paul Shafer, Jr., 4. Derek Lemke, 5. Matthew Henderson, 6. Michael Ostdiek, 7. Grant Griesbach, 8. Carter Christenson, 9. Keith Tolf, 10. Cody Vanderwal, 11. Griffin McGrath
Last Chance Race #2 (10 laps):  1. Braison Bennett, 2. Jonathan Eilen, 3. Johnny Sauter, 4. Andrew Morrissey, 5. Justin Mondeik, 6. Mark Lamoreaux, 7. Michael Hagger, 8. Cody Vanderwal, 9. Tyler Sauter, 10. Dan Heying, 11. Dean LaPointe
Last Chance Race #3 (10 laps):  1. Jason Weinkauf, 2. Dalton Zehr, 3. Dillon Hammond, 4. Rich Bickle, Jr., 5. Alex Stumpf, 6. Mark Eswein, 7. Ryan Farrell, 8. R.J. Braun, 9. Mitchell Haver, 10. Jeff Storm
Qualifying:  1. Ty Majeski, 2. Dan Fredrickson, 3. Casey Johnson, 4. Chris Weinkauf, 5. Luke Fenhaus, 6. Carson Kvapil, 7. Skylar Holzhausen, 8. Brock Heinrich, 9. Bryan Syer-Keske, 10. Gabe Sommers, 11. Derek Kraus, 12. Travis Sauter, 13. Jacob Goede, 14. Riley Stenjem, 15. Brady Bill, 16. Austin Nason, 17. Jonathan Eilen, 18. Jeff Storm, 19. Nick Murgic, 20. Andrew Morrissey, 21. Dillon Hammond, 22. Michael Ostdiek, 23. Braison Bennett, 24. Jason Weinkauf, 25. Paul Shafer, Jr., 26. Johnny Suater, 27. Dalton Zehr, 28. Griffin McGrath, 29. Justin Mondeik, 30. Alex Stumpf, 31. Matthew Henderson, 32. Dean LaPointe, 33. Rich Bickle, Jr., 34. Derek Lemke, 35. Michael Haggar, 36. Ryan Farrell, 37. Grant Griesbach, 38. Mark Lamoreaux, 39. Mark Eswein, 40. Carter Christenson, 41. Cody Vanderwal, 42. R.J. Braun, 43. Corey Jankowski, 44. Tyler Sauter, 45. Mitchell Havor, 46. Keith Tolf, 47. Dan Heying
La Crosse Kwik Trip NASCAR Late Models
Feature #1 (20 laps):  1.  Adam Bendzick, 2. Nick Clements, 3. Jacob Goede, 4. Nick Murgic, 5. Brad Powell, 6. Steve Bachman, 7. Jerimy Wagner, 8. Adam Degenhardt, 9. Mike Carlson, 10. Jackson Lewis, 11. Steve Carlson, 12. Michael Beamish, 13. Michael Haggar, 14. Billy Mohn, 15. Adam Oxborough, 16. William Sawalich, 17. Ryan Kamish, 18. Carter Christenson, 19. Tony Leis, 20. Justin Mullikin, 21. Jeff Partington, 22. Brent Kirchner, 23. Darren Wolke, 24. Kenneth Donais, 25. Joseph Scholze, 26. Devin Schmidt, 27. Dusty Mann
Feature #2 (20 laps):  1. Steve Carlson, 2. Mike Carlson, 3. Nick Murgic, 4. Adam Degenhardt, 5. Steve Bachman, 6. Adam Bendzick, 7. Jacob Goede, 8. Jerimy Wagner, 9. Billy Mohn, 10. MIchael Beamish, 11. Michael Haggar, 12. Jackson Lewis, 13. Brad Powell, 14. Adam Oxborough, 15. Jeff Partington, 16. Tony Leis, 17. Brent Kirchner, 18. Carter Christenson, 19. Devin Schmidt, 20. WIlliam Sawalich, 21. Ryan Kamish, 22. Nick Clements, 23. Justin Mullikin, 24. Darren Wolke, 25. Dusty Mann, 26. Don Turner, 27. Kenneth Donais, 28. Joseph Scholze, 29. Mandi McKinney
Semi Feature (15 laps):  1. Jeff Partington, 2. Dusty Mann, 3. Ryan Kamish, 4. Carter Christenson, 5. Darren Wolke, 6. Bryan Wrolstad, 7. Don Turner, 8. Joey Gase, 9. Rob Christen, 10. Steve Anderson, Jr., 11. Ridge Oien, 12. MIke Gillard, 13. Kenneth Donais, 14. Joseph Scholze, 15. Willie Nelson, 16. Hanna Raley, 17. Andrew Buhrow, 18. Grant Brown, 19. Mandi McKinney, 20. Bob Fort, 21. Ryan Varner (DQ)
Qualifying:  1. Nick Murgic, 2. Adam Bendzick, 3. Billy Mohn, 4. Tony Leis, 5. Adam Degenhardt, 6. Jerimy Wagner, 7. Devin Schmidt, 8. Steve Bachman. 9. Nick Clements, 10. Brad Powell, 11. Jacob Goede, 12. Jackson Lewis, 13. Michael Haggar, 14. Mike Carlson, 15. Michael Beamish, 16. William Sawalich, 17. Adam Oxborough, 18. Grant Brown, 19. Dusty Mann, 20. Steve Anderson, Jr., 21. Ryan Varner, 22. Brent Kirchner, 23. Justin Mullikin, 24. Don Turner, 25. Jeff Partington, 26. Ryan Kamish, 27. Carter Christenson, 28. Mike Gillard, 29. Ridge Oien, 30. Steve Carlson, 31. Darren Wolke, 32. Willie Nelson, 33. Bryan Wrolstad, 34. Kenneth Donais, 35. Hanna Raley, 36. Joseph Scholze, 37. Joey Gase, 38. Bob Fort, 39. Rob Christen, 40. Andrew Buhrow, 41. Mandi McKinney
Area Sportsmen
Feature (25 laps):  1. Dillon Sellner, 2. Jason Thoma, 3. TIm Stewart, 4. Adam Wiebusch, 5. Tytus Helgestad, 6. Randy Humfeld, 7. Jake Schraufnagel, 8. Andy Jirik, 9. Andrew Meyerhofer, 10. Jason Stark, 11. Joey Pontbriand, 12. Nathan Borchardt, 13. Dale Lecus, Jr., 14. Steve Blair, 15. Jim Cormack, 16. Bill Schott, 17. Andrew Casavart, 18. Brian Wagner, 19. Justin Berg, 20. Conrad Jorgenson, 21. Ron Vandermier, Jr., 22. Dexter Malin, 23. Jack Litsheim, 24. Todd Maki, 25. Sam Niles, 26. Rick Redig-Tackman, 27. Aaron Shelton 
Last Chance Race (12 laps):  1. Rick Redig-Tackman, 2. Bill Schott, 3. Justin Berg, 4. Nathan Borchardt, 5. Todd Maki, 6. Aaron Shelton, 7. Dexter Malin, 8. Jonathan Eckelberg, 9. John Larson, 10. Henry Vian, 11. Jamie Dummer, 12. Riley Zillmer, 13. Tim Scrogham
Qualitying Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Andrew Casavart, 2. Andrew Meyerhofer, 3. Brian Warner, 4. Nathan Borchardt, 5. Rick Redig-Tackman, 6. Jamie Dummer, 7. Todd Maki, 8. Jonathan Eckelberg, 9. Tim Scrogham, 10. Justin Berg
Qualitying Heat #2 (8 laps):  1. Jim Cormack, 2. Andy Jirik, 3. Jason Stark, 4. Bill Schott, 5. Henry Vian, 6. Riley Zillmer, 7. Aaron Shelton, 8. Dexter Malin, 9. Destiny Bullard, 10. John Larson
Odd Dash (6 laps):  1. Tytus Helgestad, 2. Randy Humfeld, 3. Ron Vandermier, Jr., 4. Jack Litshiem, 5. Conrad Jorgenson, 6. Bill Schott, 7. Dale Lecus, Jr.
Even Dash (6 laps):  1. Joey Pontbriand, 2. Dillon Sellner, 3. Jason Thoma, 4. Sam Niles, 5. Jake Schraufnagel, 6. Adam Wiebusch, 7. Steve Blair
Qualifying:  1. Randy Humfeld, 2. Dillon Sellner, 3. Ron Vandermier, Jr., 4. Jason Thoma, 5. Tim Stewart, 6. Jake Schraufnagel, 7. Conrad Jorgenson, 8. Steve Blair, 9. Tytus Helgestad, 10. Adam Wiebusch, 11. Dale Lecus, Jr., 12. Joey Pontbriand, 13. Jack Litshiem, 14. Sam Niles, 15. Andrew Meyerhofer, 16. Jason Stark, 17. Justin Berg, 18. Bill Schott, 19. Alex Stumpf, 20. Andy Jirik, 21. Brian Warner, 22. Jim Cormack, 23. Nathan Borchardt, 24. Aaron Shelton, 25. Jamie Dummer, 26. Henry Vian, 27. Rick Redig-Tackman, 28. Riley Zillmer, 29. Todd Maki, 30. John Larson, 31. Jonathan Eckelberg, 32. Dexter Malin, 33. Tim Scrogham, 34. Destiny Bullard