Original Dick Trickle “99” Creates Edge of the Seat Racing at Fest

West Salem, WI – The 16th running of the Dick Trickle “99” will highlight night two of the 54th Annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend on Friday, October 6th at the La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway in West Salem, WI.

Last year, Ty Majeski and Dan Fredrickson put on a show in the three 33-lap segment event as they challenged for the victory all the way down to the last lap. In fact, the two former ASA Midwest Tour champions were tied at the end of the three segments that they had to go to a tie-breaker to determine the winner.

The finish in the final segment was the tie-breaker, and with Majeski finishing third and Fredrickson in fourth, Majeski claimed his third Trickle victory.

What makes this race special at Oktoberfest is that it is not a simple traditional Super Late Model race. The race distance is 99 laps, in honor of the short track hero Dick Trickle, but it is broken into three 33-lap segments.

The format is simple, score the least amount of points after the three segments and you are the overall winner of the race. Each segment will hand out points to where the drivers finish. First place will get one point, second will get two points and so on, creating a whole different strategy for race teams.

But there is one big factor that will be a challenge for the drivers. Each segment will have an invert, creating a challenge to get to the front as quick as you can in each segment to gather the least amount of points possible.

The first segment invert will be set by the roll of one dice. Segment two have an invert of 10 plus a dice roll, and the final segment will line up based on points after the first two segments then an invert of 10 plus a dice roll.

An event where fans will definitely be watching the cream rise to the top of the scoring tower in each segment.

The creation of the event was the idea of a great promoter with the blessing from the famed driver.

In 2007, John McKarns, president of the ARTGO Challenge Series and Oktoberfest Promoter, approached his long-time friend about the idea of having a race named after him.  Trickle was very open to the idea and felt that Oktoberfest would be the proper place to have an event named after him, he gladly gave his blessing to McKarns to go ahead with it.

But McKarns didn’t want it to be a typical race, he wanted to have something unique that fans haven’t seen in the Midwest. That idea was something he saw at another track, the famous Milk Bowl event at Thunder Road Speedbowl in Barre, VT.

It was in 1962, when track promoter and NASCAR Hall of Famer Ken Squier came up with this event as a unique way to end their racing season.  The Milk Bowl is broken into three 50-lap segments with inverts in each segment.  The overall winner would get a glass of milk for their victory and was expected to kiss a cow.

McKarns was intrigued by the idea and had a few ideas of his own to make this a memorable event not just for the fans, but for the participants as well. An idea that Trickle was on board with and wanted to compete in the first event himself.

With Trickle’s approval, McKarns reached out to Squier and Tom Curley, who both owned and promoted Thunder Road and asked for their permission to take their Milk Bowl idea and come up with the Dick Trickle “99”.  Squier and Curley graciously gave McKarns their blessing and the first event was held in 2007.

The event was an immediate success as fans were able to get scorecards and keep their own score throughout the three segments.

Trickle competed in it and finished 18th.  This would be the last year he would get behind the wheel of a stock car. His final race he competed in at Oktoberfest was the 2007 ARCA Midwest Tour 100 where he finished seventh.  Trickle came back every year to host the event until his passing in 2013.

There have been 10 different drivers who have won in the previous 15 running of the Dick Trickle “99”. Will we have our 11th different winner, or will someone join Dan Fredrickson and Ty Majeski as a multi-time winner?  We will find out on Friday, October 6th.

Also on Friday night, the La Crosse Late Models will have two 20-lap feature events and the Area Sportsmen will also be in action along with “The Stubby” semi feature for the Super Late Models.



Dick Trickle “99” Winners

2007 – Steve Holzhausen

2008 – Nathan Haseleu

2009 – Chris Weinkauf

2010 – Dan Fredrickson

2011 – Neil Knoblock

2012 – Skylar Holzhausen

2013 – Erik Darnell

2014 – Dan Fredrickson (2)

2015 – Ty Majeski

2016 – Dan Fredrickson (3)

2017 – Rained Out

2018 – Johnny Sauter

2019 – Nick Murgic

2020 – Dan Fredrickson (4)

2021 – Ty Majeski (2)

2022 – Ty Majeski (3)