Fredrickson…The Next Generation

Fans may be seeing double at Oktoberfest as past Oktoberfest champion and Dick Trickle “99” winner Dan Fredrickson is not only preparing a car for himself, but also for his 14-year-old son Ty, who is already turning heads at the different Midwest tracks he has already competed at this season. One of those tracks includes La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway where he started in the back and finished sixth in a Kwik Trip Late Model feature.

“I think he has surprised everybody,” Fredrickson said when asked if his son surprised him with his great start. “I have to tell you, we took him to Elko when he was 12 and like his fourth or fifth lap would have been the fastest in practice and possible ninth or 10th in qualifying. Right away, we were like holy smokes. We didn’t race a full size car at 12 or 13 because we wanted him to have a little more maturity and make sure we can do this without knocking fenders off when we did start.”

“In the few races, we have raced, he has passed over 100 cars in green flag conditions, not freebies you know, and I like that,” Fredrickson exclaimed. “Racing in Wisconsin is so good for development of a young driver because of the huge inverts and the quality of racing. I’m happy with that because its not a stats padding situation. You could finish fifth in Wisconsin and have a huge day because you passed 15 cars after qualifying second or third. You don’t learn racing by setting fast time and starting on the pole, what do you learn? You don’t learn racing, race craft or passing.”

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