Camper Village Information

Camper Village Information






Attention Campers!

You are invited to stay right on the grounds during the Oktoberfest Race Weekend in the popular Oktoberfest Race Weekend Camper Village!  Reserved camping is located both inside and outside of the Fairgrounds.  As you can imagine, camping sites are limited.  There is a waiting list and if you would like to wait for a registered reserved space, please contact the office at or call 608-786-1525.

PLEASE NOTE:  There is plans to improve the West Lot at the Fairgrounds,  this will allow us to convert that area to a reserved camping  area as well.  There still will be  “open” camping- where there is no charge to camp.  That will be located on the far West parking lot.

The campgrounds open on the Monday prior to the event.  Not BEFORE.  Units will be towed.

We hope you enjoy your stay and we are excited to have you be a part of the Oktoberfest Race Weekend!


• PARKING: One Camper per designated reserved camping stall. All camping is classified as “primitive” camping. Porta-Jons and trash removal are provided.

• RESERVED: Reserved Camping areas are inside the fence, on the north end of the west lot outside the fence, and along both edges of the east gravel parking lot. Reserved spaces indicated by white paint on grass.

• UNRESERVED: All Other areas are on a first-come, first-parked basis. You may only save space for one other camping unit beside yours, outside the reserved area – until 6pm Thursday. Officials reserve the right to remove any ropes or tape put up around empty spaces at any time. Campground roads and boundaries will be marked with paint. Please stay within the confines of the area near your unit. Unreserved campers MUST all park in an east-west direction, per Fire Marshal and La Crosse County Health Department Camping Permit.

• Please limit driving vehicles insidE the campground to one per space. The camping area is not a parking lot.

• QUIET HOURS: Campground quiet hours will be enforced – 1:00 am to 6:00 a.m., as a courtesy to everyone. Please limit generator noise & use during quiet hours. NO Loud music, etc during quiet hours. Security has the authority to ask any person or groups of individuals who are abusing the quiet hour policy to leave. Permission is also granted to remove any pit or grandstand wristband because of violator’s conduct.

• NO CAMPING AREAS: No Camping allowed within the center of the East spectator parking lot (Gravel lot off Cty. Rd M). That area is reserved for CAR PARKING. Both sides of the lot – east and west are reserved camping. Also Camping is not permitted in designated HAULER PARKING LOTS unless approved by camping or speedway officials.

• SPEED LIMIT: through all the grounds is 5 MPH. We have lots of people, including children.. Let’s make it safe for everyone.

• TRESPASSING: Please stay out of the buildings, barns, etc. Violators will be considered Trespassers and are subject to law enforcement actions.

• ELECTRIC PANELS: Anyone caught tampering with or opening up electric panels may be subject to a trespassing fine and loss of camping privledges.

• PETS: Pets are allowed but must be on a leash at all times (State Health Dept. Regulations). Pets may not be left unattended. Clean up pet waste. Pets are NOT allowed in the grandstands or the pit areas.

• CAMPFIRES: Contain all fires in (limited) supplied fire rings (or bring your own). All fires must be attended at all times. Absolutely No Bonfires. Do not burn tires, furniture, pallets, or anything with nails. Use Supplied (limited supply) free Naturally Organic Grown Firewood. Please do not destroy buildings, fences, etc.. (Take only what you will need from the FREE wood.)

• GARBAGE: Please throw bagged refuse into dumpsters.

• GLASS CONTAINERS: Please dispose of in a trash barrel for everyone’s safety.

• GOLF CARTS & ATV’S: Permits are REQUIRED for golf carts & ATV’s, etc. No use after 11pm. Must have lights between 6-11pm. MUST HAVE PERMIT. Get permit application at or at Speedway office.

• NO FIREWORKS! Violators will be removed and lose any reserved camping privileges in the future.

• RV HOLDING TANKS: Holding tanks may be emptied at the Veterans Memorial Park (for a fee), 1/4 mile away, but NOT At the Fairgrounds.

• No Flag poles over 20’ tall. Poles must be wood or PVC. No Metal or aluminum poles.

• REMEMBER, Please be considerate to other campers. And most importantly…. Let’s all have FUN!

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