Following Fan Friendly Fair Time Races, CWRA Returns to Fest

West Salem, WI- Midwest Racing Legend Steve Carlson picked up the first win in CWRA competition in over twenty-five years at LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway, this past July during the Fair Time Races.  While no fair was held this year, the racing continued and those in attendance were witness to some of the best mid-summer racing in the state.  That racing will again be on display at the 5/8 mile paved oval during this year’s 51st Oktoberfest Race Weekend as the Central Wisconsin Racing Association Late Models compete in a 25 lap feature event on Sunday afternoon October 11, determining their 2020 Champion.

A twin feature billing on July 15 saw Jessy Pokszyk pass Nick Clements coming for the white flag in the second feature event to win in his return to LaCrosse.  Colin Reffner, the grandson of inaugural Oktoberfest winner Tom Reffner, was crowned the overall winner, finishing second while pressuring Carlson to the checkered flag in the first feature and just behind the lead duo in the second feature, crossing the line in third.  Following his opening race win Carlson recalled, “There is a great mix of drivers here in CWRA, and they are just as competitive as when I ran with them in the 80’s.”  Minnesota’s Mark Lamoreaux who was the final CWRA Champion at LaCrosse in 1991 led early and finished third in feature number one.

CWRA through the years was one of the most established, popular sanctioning groups, racing up to 5 nights a week throughout Wisconsin and neighboring States. Many racers that went on to bigger things competed, including Dick Trickle, who is the current holder of the track qualifying record at La Crosse, at 19:537 seconds, Marv Marzofka, Tom Reffner, Larry Detjens, Jim Back, Mike Miller, Steve Holzhausen, Kevin Cywinski, Allen Check, Bobby Weiss, Kirby Kurth, Kevin Peterson, Wayne Breitenfeldt, Jeff Weinfurter, and Gary Back. Those drivers are all CWRA Champions, standing out among the hundreds that competed throughout the years.

John Beale is the current point leader ahead of two-time and defending CWRA Champion Jeff Weinfurter. The pair has each taken three main event wins and are looking to secure the 2020 CWRA Championship at Oktoberfest.  Minnesota pilot Paul Paine, the winner of the first ‘Futures Race’ during Oktoberfest, currently resides in third place in the point standings.



A total of 17 divisions of racing action will make up the 51st Oktoberfest Race Weekend October 8-11, 2020.  For additional information including Schedules, Rules, Camper Village information, Registration and more, visit or call 608-786-1525.